What Is A Deacon?

St. Peter's Deacons are church members who are called, elected and ordained as church officers for a term of 3 years. They are blessed and honored to serve as the hands, feet, eyes, ears, and heart of our beloved church. Deacons are charged with the responsibility of watching over their 'flocks' comprised of individual church members, families, and those who consider themselves part of the St. Peter's community.
The Deacon Ministry's mission is to provide care for each of their flock members who are recovering from surgery, illness, grief, loneliness, or otherwise needing a compassionate presence.  Deacons are also excited to share times of celebration and joy – birthdays, weddings, births and all of life’s momentous occasions. Deacons demonstrate their care and compassion by graciously hosting receptions after memorial services, providing meals, praying for each of their flock members, sending cards, taking communion to those not able to attend worship, hosting special occasions such as the 90th birthday celebrations and many church gatherings.


Cathy and Dave Howard 

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